Friday, February 11, 2011


The show will be hosted at "The Lab", which is our local DJ and music Production Studio, and a collective of many creative people. We are looking to put a lot of effort into this show and make it big! Many people from the local creative community will be supporting the show.
Thanks to everyone who has supported this project over its course and sent in submissions, without you it couldn't happen!
The show will be happing on February 19-25, doors will be open from 12-8 (unless otherwise changed) for the whole 6 days. Anyone will be able to stop by any time and see the show throughout the day. No entrance fee. We hope that many people show and create a positive vibe. We will also be running a fundraiser for the Lab Scholarship Fund during the show, which will provide for students who come from low income families.
We hope that the show will be a successes and bring a lot of people together and the art will create a positive vibe!

I will be taking final submissions from people for the next three weeks. This gives people a chance to send stickers in if they didn't make it before. I should receive your submissions by February 15th; send your stickers soon enough for them to make it here, chances are they wont make it to the show! Click here for details on submission: SUBMIT YOUR ARTWORK HERE.
You can also support this project by spreading word to your friends, posting on your blog/page/website, or following this blog. For more ways to support click here: SUPPORT THE PROJECT.

The Lab Dj and Music Production School
19 Church St. Studio 1 & 2
Burlington, VT

Sat: 4-8pm *opening party kickoff to the event*
Sun: 12-6pm
Monday - Thursday: 12-8pm.
Friday: 12-4 *closing party on Friday from 6-9pm @ Club Metronome*

Sample of hand-cut collaging:

Random stickers from past submissions:

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