Please send all Submission to:

Important: (The Deadline for you send final submissions is February 15th, please send your submissions early enough for them to get here on time, if you send in submissions any later than the Deadline mentioned, they probably wont make it to the show). We are located in Vermont, US; if you live far away and you know that shipping or mail takes a long time to get here, I suggest you send your submissions in as soon as possible.
Important: We want your art! We do not want your damn advertisement printed on sticker paper, for example: (we do not support you sending us stickers that promote your DJ name, your business, brand, or not anything else related to art). We do not want you sending us stickers with pictures of Chuck Norris printed on them, or any other images you might have just gotten from Google. We do not want stickers with negative or discriminating messages in them. And last but not least, we don't want junk.

Funny Jeff.
32 State Park Road
VT 05445

* We welcome all submissions, from all artists that wish to praticipate.
You can send as much stickers/ adhesives as you wish to;
And they can be of any size.
The more you are able to send, the more we will appriciate it!
All submissions will go to the Expo Show in Burlington, Vermont.

Thank you.